詩篇舞蹈中心致力推廣舞蹈藝術教育,並以芭蕾舞及中國舞課程作為舞團的核心課程。為評估學生們的學習水平及能力,本中心每年均推薦保送學生參加英國皇家舞蹈學院考試(芭蕾舞)及北京舞蹈學院中國舞等級考試。我們最大我的心願是陪伴學生一起成長,培育學生的藝術修養及高尚品格,努力提供高質量的舞蹈培訓,同時培養每個學生獨特的才華和創造力。此外,透過參與各項舞蹈比賽、表演及藝術培育活動,努力擴大學生的國際影響力和豐富人生。 我們的使命是灌輸他們對舞蹈的熱愛,同時激發自信,紀律和對表演藝術的欣賞和尊重。



The SA Dance Centre aims to promote dance education, provides ballet and Chinese dance courses as the core training to students and dancers. To recognize the students’ achievement and to assess their skills, the company organizes the Royal Academy of Dance ballet examination and Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance grading examination every year. 

Our greatest wish is to accompany students to grow up together, cultivate students' artistic accomplishment and noble character, strive to provide artistic training of the highest possible calibre, while nurturing each student’s unique gift of talent and creativity. We strive to expand the international exposure of the students and enrich their lives, by participating in international competitions, performances and various art programmes. Our mission is to instill their love of dance while inspiring self-confidence, discipline, and appreciation and respect for performing arts.

Our goal is to strike a balance and create excellence between the rigorous professional demands of training with a caring and challenging environment. We aim to provide dancers of all ages with an astonishing environment, giving the students the best possible education to equip them for a career in the world of dance.